domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

Videos da Convenção Global de PROUT

Namaskar everyone!

Love, fun, joy, family feeling, devotion, ideological magic flow, brotherhood, sisterhood...there are no words to describe the wonderful collective experience underwent by the people who participated in the PROUT Global Convention last July 20-27 at Ananda Gaorii's Master Unit. An incredible charged spiritual vibration and a social gathering focus on PROT which I would like to share with all of you via these videos that gives you a glimse of the Convention. I hope you will not miss the next Convention also at Ananda Gaorii next July 20th to 25th 2010! Baba bless you all! Namaskar!

In His Liila,

D. Svaprakashananda

1) Overview, Open Space Thecnology

2) Coops

3) Work in Haiti

4) Work in India

5) Implementation of Samaj

6) Overview / Workshops

7) PROUT on Education

8) Cultural Evenings 1

9) Cultural Evenings 2

10) Farewell and People's Comments

11) Work in Venezuela

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